Go Vertical with ERGOAir Grips!

Go Vertical with ERGOAir Grips!

ERGOAir Vertical TX0 grips are the first mod I do on any precision Airgun I own. In an interview I did with Matt Dubber this past year we talked about the things he does to the competition FX Airguns he uses when he travels here in the U.S. without his own guns.

#1 Change out the grip to have a consistent trigger pull and “feel”.
#2 Use a consistent scope rings / mount / scope combo across all his rigs.

I’ve started following that advice and ensuring I’ve established that same level of consistency on all my FX Airguns and my RAW HM1000x. Anything I own that can take an AR style grip gets an ERGOAir grip.
I’m still searching for the perfect scope mount / scope combo, but right now I’m loving the FX No Limit rings for the FX Crown MKII and FX Dreamline. For the Impact and Maverick I’m running Burris PEPR single mounts. Anything Element Optics is now my 100% glass of choice. Period.
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