Got the Shakes? Check Out the Armageddon Gear X Wing Support Bag!

Got the Shakes? Check Out the Armageddon Gear X Wing Support Bag!

It’s the little things that make ALL the difference! I know it’s just a rear shooting bag, but if you’ve watched some of my long range shooting videos on UpNorthAirGunner you can see some of my scope cam footage looks like I’ve got early onsets of Parkinson’s Disease! Go watch my FX Airguns Impact .35 100 yard competition prep video. At 20x scope magnification I was shaking like a leaf. Truth be told, I didn’t come prepared that day with proper rear support.
You can see in some of my videos I try to use a wadded up hat or t-shirt or even just my bare fist to use as rear support and it all just turns into a shaky mess. While trying to shoot off my flexed fist in the rear, you could calculate my blood pressure from the insane amount of movement from my heartbeat pulse you could see in my sight picture. When shooting long range, your rear support selection quite honestly is one of the most important parts of the overall shooting system.
Many of us running FX Impacts with the Saber Tactical Inc Bag Rider have learned the FRICKEN AWESOME benefit of such a simple but useful add-on to our guns. Pairing that Saber Tactical Bag Rider with a proper bag will boost your 100 yard bench score significantly or will help ensure your HP slug connects to the game animal precisely where you intended.
The  X Wing rear support bag has been my first taste of awesome-ness Armageddon Gear offers. I first heard about Armageddon Gear from a buddy of mine who shoots powder burner PRS professionally and swears by not only their gear, but the people behind the company.
This is another amazing story of good old fashioned MADE IN AMERICA entrepreneurship. Tom Fuller, the founder and owner of Armageddon Gear, has built up quite a following in precision shooting circles us airheads need to take note of. Through talking with Tom and others who run his gear, his success comes down to two simple factors:
#1 - Tom is an obsessed shooter himself...
#2 - He listens to the needs of the precision shooting community and comes out with gear we all need.
I’ll be showcasing some new Armageddon Gear purpose built for us airgunners soon! Stay tuned!
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