COLD WEATHER PSA: Get the Moisture Out!

COLD WEATHER PSA: Get the Moisture Out!

COLD WEATHER AIRGUNNER PSA! If you live in a climate with sub freezing temperatures, DO NOT fill your Airgun again until you know with 100% confidence that you have your fill air moisture levels under control! If you live in a cold weather climate, I’d love to hear your experience and feedback.

I’m not trying to be an alarmist or overstate how much of a MAJOR issue this really is, but I have experienced some things in the last 3 months of freezing temperatures and hunting / shooting my PCP Airguns that have opened my eyes that I’d like to share.

In a previous post I made a month or so ago I told you all about how my AirForce Texan valve locked due to the gauges sticking and overfilling above 3600 PSI. Now it’s happening on other Airguns!

Depending on what is in your crosshairs when this valve lock event happens will determine your level of concern and how serious you take this issue. If it’s a circle on a paper target.... meh! If you’re holding dead on target in the vital zone of a Deer? Trust me when I tell you those two feelings in your stomach are a world apart of difference! I’ve got one less Deer in the freezer because of this issue.

So I thought maybe it was just a fluke and maybe my AirForce gauges were just susceptible to sticking. Well it happened again this weekend while I was out testing the FX Crown MKII! No valve lock since this is a regulated Airgun, but I did inadvertently overfill the bottle to 300 bar!

So I’m adding this inline Air Venturi High Pressure Output Filter and TONS of cartridge filters that will hopefully fix this issue I’ve been experiencing.
So in closing, moisture and PCP Airguns don’t mix and is a real issue. Add sub freezing temperatures to the equation and you run the risk of your gauges freezing, or overfilling your Airgun, or even worse you go home without your deer.

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