Santa sometimes just knows what you need in your airgunner life! I’ve only got a few more days left to put one last Deer down and the new Hill EC-3000 compressor arrived just in time for late season Airgunner Deer Camp.
The fit and finish on this unit is top notch and I have to hand it to the Brits.... they did a jolly good job on this thing! I normally consider myself a treasonous ungrateful colonist, but after using the Hill EC-3000, all I can say is: GOD SAVE THE QUEEN!
I’ll be covering this topic in full detail in an upcoming video about fill options to consider if you’re just getting into this sport or if you’re expanding your PCP arsenal.

I will tell you from experience, if you are gonna get into big bore Airguns (which I 100% recommend you should), just getting a big external tank ain’t gonna cut it. How you use your Airguns also will determine what fill source you go with.
On the higher end of the spectrum of fill options you’ve got the large Air Venturi 4500 compressor which is the go-to option for filling large 75/100 cf tanks.
On the lower end of the fill spectrum you’ve got the ultra portable Air Venturi Nomad II which is great if you need 12v charging off you vehicle and you need to just top off your gun while in the field.

This Hill EC-3000 sits in the middle and is THE PERFECT solution for Deer Camp or a small shooting club. Fills guns directly super fast and has this slick temperature pause setting then resumes to protect the compressor. Filled my Dragon Claw .50 cal in just a few minutes!
It’s a good option for just topping off 75 / 100cf big tanks for example to bring them from 150 bar back up to 300 bar, but takes longer to fill those big tanks from empty.

I’d also consider getting an external moisture filter for this compressor if you’re gonna have it run for long cycles. The onboard moisture filter seems to be more of a direct to gun filter size. More info coming soon as I get to use this more, but first look is a big thumbs up!

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