Got Fogging? Hydrophobic Antifouling Helps!

Got Fogging? Hydrophobic Antifouling Helps!

Do Hydrophobic Antifouling Layers help when shooting in cold weather? Damn right they do and is a non negotiable when it comes to shooting in the frozen woods of Northern Michigan. These coatings on your rifle optics can mean the difference between putting meat in your freezer or going back to your truck empty handed.

When Element Optics invited me to be on their team it was a great honor, but I let them know I would be beating the living crap out of every scope they sent me. I don’t own safe queen airguns. Hell I don’t even own a safe!

The Element Nexus has performed flawlessly in sub freezing temperatures over many hours of use with with absolutely ZERO fogging. The advanced lens coatings have made me a true believer of the entire Element Optics lineup of scopes. I was impressed on day 1 during my range time this past summer from the amazing image quality, but where I was truly won over was when the temperatures began to drop.

Here in Northern Michigan it often starts to snow around Halloween and doesn’t let up till the end of April. Early Deer hunting season with my Helix mounted on my crossbow was the first test where it went from 40 degrees and raining to 29 degrees and ice during one evening sit. Zero fogging issues!
Next up was running the Titan all season long on my big bore Airgun for the regular and late Deer seasons. Rain on opening morning and then snow and temperatures in the low 20s throughout the rest of the season. Zero fogging issues!

Furthermore, I have owned other scopes where adjusting the magnification becomes an arm wrestling match when it drops below freezing, but all the Element scopes are just as milky smooth as when I first got them this summer when it was 85 degrees out on my shooting range.
So remember this when you’re considering which optic to run because when the temperatures drop, it is go time for meat hunters like myself. Trust me, unfilled Deer tags don’t taste nearly as good as backstrap! #seeitsendit
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