Michigan Airbow Bill Re-introduced!

Michigan Airbow Bill Re-introduced!

Dear Michigan elected officials and DNR.... I AM LEAVING OUR STATE! Well.... not permanently, but just for the Turkey season. 🤣🤣🤣

Take some time to read HB 4080 (2021) for airbow hunting in Michigan: http://www.legislature.mi.gov/.../pdf/2021-HIB-4080.pdf

I just got the new FX Dreamline GRS stock with Arrow Kit and it is amazingly accurate and beautiful! This rig is slinging these 315 grain bolts tipped with Thorne Broadhead 2.2 Rifts around 270 FPS / 50 FPE which is just a bit less than my BowTech Carbon Overdrive compound bow at 60 pound draw which hits 295 FPS.
I know these Thorne Rift 2.2s will get the job done at these power levels since just a few months ago I put down a Doe at 30 yards getting through both lungs with my bow. SHE DIDN’T GO 20!!!

But why am I leaving Michigan to use this device? Because it isn’t legal to hunt with here! For the last three years we have worked with the Airgun Sporting Association and other local hunting groups here in Michigan to help pass legislation that would legalize Airbow / air bolt technology for hunting. But this effort has brought out the ugly side of Hunter on Hunter attacks. But we are having another go at getting this passed!

So what exactly is in Michigan HB 4080 (2021)?

#1 The bill just modernizes Michigan Compiled Law (MCL) to recognize arrows and bolts as an actual projectile to be propelled from a pneumatic device. For all tense and purposes, in the eyes of Michigan law, Airbows or arrow shooting Airguns don’t even exist. This bill brings Michigan law up to date.

#2 The bill would allow the DNR the ABILITY to create a pathway for disabled hunters to seek approval for these devices to be used as an adaptive device while hunting during the archery season.

The DNR and other influential conservation and hunting groups have voiced SUPPORT for these devices to be allowed during the firearm season, but have fought hard to not even consider them for disabled hunters during archery seasons.

That last part is what has brought out the ugly and down right misinformation being pushed by traditional bow hunting advocates. The pressure these groups apply on our elected officials, the DNR, the Natural Resources Commission, and through influential groups like the Michigan United Conservation Clubs (MUCC), has killed this bill twice. We got it passed through both houses of Congress last fall, but was vetoed by the Governor.

But there is hope. Up to this point, the sponsor of this bill has done a great job in academically advocating for the merits of this technology for disabled hunters as he is disabled himself, but trying to go it alone has been a missed opportunity. I am now talking with hunting groups focused on supporting disabled veterans and disabled hunters to gain formal support for this bill. That part was not in place in previous attempts to get this bill passed.

Furthermore, Safari Club International (SCI) has added Airgun technology categories into their hunting record books. This is a positive signal for this bill as SCI had previously voiced negative support for this bill. If you haven’t seen it yet, Sam Wood broke the seal on the new record category for Airguns and Airbows with his huge Aoudad taken in Texas.

So if you are a Michigan airgunner or would like to travel to Michigan for a hunt or if you just want to support disabled hunters and fight against protectionist / elitist hunters, help us support this bill. More details coming soon!
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